In 2008, Outside the Box created the Porto Renovato brand, which would name all its residential buildings.
They all share a concept, a way of intervening in the heart of the city of Porto that, while inspired by the traditional and the classic, creates new ideas and conceives new spaces.

Architecture and Design

The facades are unequivocally classic of Oporto. Thus, we make a point of keeping the beautiful architectural details, the balconies and stonework in granite and the iron grills with a traditional work.
The tile, this one, it’s new. It is blue and in a tuned tone for OTB, which identifies all our buildings in the city.

Inside, design and décor are polkadot’s responsibility, which specializes in combining classic buildings with elegant, modern environments.

Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

Of the original buildings we decided to keep only, for their beauty and good technical characteristics, their facades. In everything else, it is a whole new construction, which brings the buildings to the best standards today. Within the scope of rehabilitation, these true reconstructions bring us the best results, the highest level of comfort and guarantees of durability.
Because Quality can not be something that is only advertised, but something that is executed. Thus, this is where we invest much of our time, studying, developing and implementing the best solutions, which will allow those who enjoy them to immediately recognize the level of construction and finishes.

Porto Renovato

Each new building has unique features. Our function is to combine them with the architectural details, design, level of construction and comfort for which Porto Renovato is known. The result has to be true quality, it has to be timeless.